Evening of Recognition

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Business Climate Action Celebrated in New Brunswick!

On September 28, 2023, Green Economy New Brunswick hosted its first Annual Evening of Recognition centered around the theme of “A New Path Forward: Building the Low-Carbon Economy in New Brunswick. The Evening of Recognition is a special event dedicated to celebrating collective progress on business climate action, recognizing the Green Economy Leaders across our province who are taking steps to build a dynamic and inclusive net zero future.

The event was held at the Crowne Plaza Downtown Moncton, and it drew business, government, and community leaders together for a vibrant and inspiring night of connection and conversation.

Thanks to Hemant Kumar (Director of Strategic Priorities at Opportunities New Brunswick), Jane Burchill (Decarbonization and Sustainability Specialist at Port Saint John), Alex Lissandro (Vice-President of TruSun Solar Energy) and moderator Emma Murphy (Director of Sustainability & Innovation for Green Economy Canada) for an electrifying panel discussion highlighting the change that’s already happening in the province, and painting a vision for what a sustainable transition could look and feel like in New Brunswick in the next decade.

Rookie of the Year Award

The Rookie of the Year Award recognizes a new member of Green Economy New Brunswick who has displayed an inspiring amount of enthusiasm and demonstrated a significant amount of progress since joining in the last year.

Congratulations to The Greater Moncton International Airport for winning the award this year.

The Moncton Airport joined Green Economy New Brunswick in January and has been highly engaged in the program from the get-go. They collected data about their operations and completed their GHG inventory in record time. This inventory provides them with a baseline emissions measurement from which they can set reduction targets and track reduction progress.

From left to right: Emma Murphy (Green Economy Canada), Courtney Burns (Greater Moncton International Airport) and John Wishart (Greater Moncton Chamber of Commerce)

Embedding Sustainability Award

The Embedding Sustainability Award celebrates an organization that fosters and champions a culture of sustainability across their organization and with their suppliers and customers.

Congratulations to Port Saint John for the holistic and forward-looking approach that they have taken to their sustainability work so far.

From left to right: Emma Murphy (Green Economy Canada), Jane Burchill (Port Saint John) and John Wishart (Greater Moncton Chamber of Commerce)

Community Leader of the Year Award

The Community Leader of the Year Award recognizes a Green Economy Leader that has advanced climate action in the wider community, beyond their direct operations.

Congratulations to TruSun Solar Energy for their amazing work to facilitate renewable energy access to municipalities and communities.

TruSun Solar Energy is a strong proponent of engaging as many people as possible in building a renewable future for New Brunswick. They are being recognized specifically for their partnership with Imagineons la Péninsule Acadienne Autrement and EOS Eco-energy to offer rebates for the purchase of solar panels to individuals for their homes and for commercial properties. This partnership has helped the community, especially community members living in rural communities, to access renewables at a lower cost, reduce 159 tonnes of greenhouse gasses per year, and increase their energy independence.

From left to right: Emma Murphy (Green Economy Canada), Alexandre Lissandro (TruSun Solar Energy) and Annika Chiasson (New Brunswick Environmental Network)

Green Ambassador Award

The Green Ambassador Award recognizes an organization that acts as a strong ambassador for sustainability, taking steps to educate and inspire others to get involved in climate action.

Our inaugural Green Ambassador Award is shared by two founding members of Green Economy New Brunswick: D.A.S. Concrete Countertops and Manulife Securities.

From left to right: Emma Murphy (Green Economy Canada), Greg Macpherson (Manulife Securities), Emma Thériault (D.A.S. Concrete Countertops) and Charles Léger (City of Moncton)