Leading The Change

Mina Teague: Social Media and Content Coordinator

Quite new to the world of sustainability, Mina is among the youngest leaders building New Brunswick’s low-carbon transition. Having supported the family business throughout her studies, Mina joined SABIAN after her graduation as a Social Media and Content Coordinator. She joined SABIAN’s company Green Team to educate herself further on the impacts of climate change and support SABIAN’s sustainability journey. She’s now leading SABIAN’s Green Team, by working with Green Economy New Brunswick to take action and reduce their carbon footprint.

Thanks for participating in this campaign Mina, please tell us more about your inspirations and motivations to work in sustainability and take climate action in your organization.

My grandfather started SABIAN here in New Brunswick because he loved the province. The fresh air and all the untouched land was a dream come true for him. Seeing the company he left make the necessary changes to help protect the nature that he loved most is a full circle moment for me. I want to help lay a path for future generations to follow as well. Global warming has progressed substantially and I want to be a part of the change moving forward. 

What is one myth about sustainability that you wish you could dispel? 

Sustainability isn’t an ALL or NOTHING commitment. There are so many little things that you can do in your day to day life to help. Something as simple as changing the types of lightbulbs you buy can make an impact. Take a second to do a quick internet search and I bet you’d be surprised by how many simple changes you can do in order to take action.

What is one thing you wish more people knew about integrating sustainability into their work or operations?

It’s a win/win situation! Most sustainable changes that businesses can make are very cost- effective in the long run, helping both your company’s carbon footprint and financials!

Could you share a project you’ve contributed to that advances New Brunswick’s transition to a low-carbon economy?

This is my first major project contributing to New Brunswick’s transition to a low-carbon economy. I came on as a general team member when the Green Team was implemented at SABIAN through our work with Green Economy New Brunswick and have since taken the role of team lead. Leading the group through this project has been a fantastic learning opportunity for me; taking in new information about both the company and our operations as well as what it means to integrate sustainability into our business model and the opportunities it presents. Many of the practices I’ve learned through this experience have allowed me to make my day to day life more sustainable as well. For example, my partner and I have transitioned into a one vehicle household, walking as much as we can and carpooling when we can.

Thanks for #leadingthechange in New Brunswick Mina!

Join SABIAN and other Green Economy Leaders who are taking action on climate change and leading New Brunswick’s low carbon transition!